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How to order

In the first instance please email me at iain@portrait-online.com with a brief description of your requirements and I will respond within 24 hours. I also guarantee the email address you supply will not be passed to anyone else. If you do not wish to use an email address, please find my postal address here.

Please note I normally require clear detailed photos to work from. If possible please email scanned or digital photos rather than posting orginals. Original photographs will be returned with the completed painting. Please try to send images in the highest resolution possible.

No deposit payment is required. Allow approx 4 weeks from the date of order for completion of the painting, in particular for oil paintings which take much longer to dry than acrylic. Once complete I will provide you with a link to a unique web address where you can view multiple photos of your completed portrait, and you can confirm you are satisfied with the painting and wish to pay for it. Please note if you are not fully satisfied there is no requirement to pay for the painting, I will simply return your photographs. From your unique page you will also be able to pay for the painting securely using your credit card through the Paypal system, or you can send me payment by post, see payment options below. The painting will then be dispatched once full payment has been received and cleared.


Usually the following prices apply regardless of the number of subjects within a single oil or acrylic painting on stretched canvas. However a particularly detailed portrait with a large number of subjects may take longer to complete and so be subject to an additional fee. I will confirm the final price by email immediately after I have received the photographs and any special requests you may have, and agree this price before starting the painting.

Other mediums, sizes, and specific requirements can usually be accommodated on request. Please note all paintings supplied unframed, and the following prices do not include postage, an appropriate amount will be quoted at the time of order.

Painting Size (Inches) & Price

12 x 10 60
16 x 12 80
20 x 16 100
24 x 18 120

Payment Options

Once complete payment will be due before the painting is despatched. The easiest payment method is by Credit Card using Paypal, which will be an option on the page your completed painting is displayed on. This will instantly and securely transfer the payment to my Paypal account allowing me to despatch the painting within 24 hours.

If you do not wish to use Paypal I can accept some personal cheques or postal orders in a number of currencies. In this case please mention your preferred method of payment and currency at the time of your order so I can ensure my Bank can accept the payment. All cheques payable to "Iain McDonald".

Order Inquiry: Email me today with a brief description of your requirements, and digital copies of your photos if you have them, and I will respond within the next 24 hours.
  • 12 x 10 only: 60
  • 16 x 12 only: 80
  • 20 x 16 only: 100
  • 24 x 18 only: 120

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